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Dr. Golman von Rimon

Managing Director of the von Rimon Group

Dr. Golman von Rimon is passionate about real estate and has turned her love of beauty and aesthetics into a business idea. She founded the von Rimon Group to share her passion for beautiful homes and real estate.

Her goal is to help her clients have a better home and help them sell their properties for the best possible price. To achieve this goal, Dr. Golman of Rimon relies on targeted home staging that highlights a property’s beauty and potential.

With her years of experience in the real estate industry, Dr. Golman von Rimon knows exactly what is important in home staging and property design. She understands that each space has a unique personality and that each home has its own unique characteristics and strengths.

Through her work with the von Rimon Group, Dr. Golman von Rimon has helped many people make their home a place where they feel comfortable and happy. Her clients appreciate her passion, commitment and ability to bring their vision to life.

If you, too, long for a beautiful home or want to sell your property for the best possible price, consider Rimon Group’s. Dr. Golman of Rimon and her team will assist you with their expertise and passion.


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Are you looking for a trustworthy provider for the sale of your luxury property in Hamburg? Then you are at the right address with us! We are a company that specializes in the sale of prime real estate and will support you to achieve the best possible profit from the sale. Our team of experts consists of experienced professionals who have an extensive network and a profound knowledge of the real estate market in Hamburg. This enables us to present you with solutions that are personally tailored to your needs and effectively market your property.

Furthermore, we offer our clients the unique opportunity to invest in exclusive building ventures in Miami or a luxurious villa on Lake Maggiore. For this purpose we use our experienced network of local partners to find the best possible options for our clients.

So, if you need a reliable partner for the sale of your property in Hamburg, are interested in investing in the thriving Miami real estate market or want to build a home on Lake Maggiore according to your own ideas, we will be happy to help you. Get in touch with us so that together we can make your dream property a reality!

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Dr. Golman von Rimon

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Altona | Hamburg
Große Elbstr. 57 – 22767 Hamburg, Germany

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